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Sip Termination

RN Groups is one of the Leading VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service provider. We have interconnected with over 40 global network providers through our various points of presence.
This enables us to successfully operate as a prominent carrier services provider that is globally competitive in terms of cost and availability through a well devised A-Z call termination.
We consistently monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring to ensure that connected VoIP carriers, whether through unilateral or bilateral peering agreements, are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services.

Key Benefits

  • Top quality worldwide call routing
  • Reliable and a Backed-up platform to guarantee our VoIP services.
  • Web provisioned in seconds not weeks!
  • 24x7 oversight of our Tier-1 network operations and Customer support
  • Performance in near-real time, submit tickets
  • Online and access previous bills and CDRs
  • Supports high-call capacity without voice degradation.
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