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Our Pc2phone solution comes with excellent features & quality. We also offer our Pc2phone application with customized branding so you can market this solution under your own private brand and label. Pc2phone technology is a user-friendly technology that allows PC users with an Internet dial-up connection to make long distance and international calls to anywhere in the world.

Even with our Mobile Softphone Pc2phone service can be used so now a days every one want to get easier way to any thing.So as we get any type of applications in our daily life we can also download an application in our mobile which can be run with internet connection running in the phone and can make a voip calls once registered with user/account provided by the service provider.

Enhanced Features

  • IP-IVR
  • Customized Reports and Invoices
  • Web Based Customer Care
  • Web Based CDR
  • E-commerce Module including Credit Card Payment support
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