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CallShops, Internet Cafes, Resorts and tourist attractions areas are very popular in countries where the cost of the telephony services is relatively high or the number of telecom providers is small and heavily regulated.

Call Shop Interface & Support

  • Great Customizablity, Clean design
  • Valid HTML 5 Markup, Advance content animated

Auto Recharge

Auto Recharge allows customers to save their credit card numbers securely on the system. When a customer's balance falls too low, the system will automatically replenish their account.

How It Works?

Callshop work as follows:

  • A customer walks into a call shop and requests to make some calls
  • The cashier asks if he wants prepaid or postpaid.
  • Then activates the station for use.
  • The customer sits down and makes his calls.
  • When the customer is done, he walks back up to the cashier.
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